Our Practice

Family Practice

Chancery Court practitioner for individuals and families in domestic relations, property matters, estate planning (wills and trusts), and estate administration (probate).

Plaintiff’s Counsel

Attorney for individuals and families who have suffered injury or wrongful death resulting from negligence by healthcare providers, business entities, and public and private employers.

Negligent Hire & Retention

Cooper settled a personal injury lawsuit against BellSouth of Tennessee for a half-million dollars in 2007. The facts revealed that BellSouth hired and retained a registered sex offender as a service technician who after seven months on the job attempted to sexually assault a minor at her home. In her relentless pursuit of the truth, Cooper discovered that BellSouth breached the duty to protect its customers by failing to adhere to established hiring protocols. To avoid public exposure and a televised trial, BellSouth settled after three years of intense litigation.

Criminal Defense

Defense of individuals charged with misdemeanor and felony (federal and state) offenses and seeking post-conviction relief .

Malicious Prosecution

Cooper successfully defended a young Black man from Leake County who was wrongfully accused and maliciously prosecuted for capital murder. Fighting against the Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s Office relentlessly for 13 months, Cooper remained steadfast to her client’s innocence. It was obvious at every turn that the State of Mississippi was committed to convicting and sentencing to death an innocent Black man. Finally, in October 2005, the presiding judge dismissed the indictment thwarting an injustice.

Defense and Business Counsel

Former trial counsel for American automotive corporations, U.S. insurance companies, and property management corporations in the defense of product and premises liability cases. Current general and trial counsel to several service providers in the state.

Comprehensive services to developing for-profit entities and non-profit organizations, community development corporations (CDCs), civic organizations, and neighborhood associations.

Appellate Practice

Submission of briefs to the Mississippi Court of Appeals; the Mississippi Supreme Court; and the Fifth and Sixth Circuit Courts of Appeals and presentation of oral arguments before the Mississippi Supreme Court and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Unconstitutional Detention

In an effort to settle the law on what constitutes a “prolonged detention” in violation of the 14th Amendment, Cooper appeared before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in August 2019. She argued that a Clay County Sheriff was not entitled to qualified immunity because he intentionally detained her client for 264 days without bringing him before the court despite an active bench warrant. Unfortunately, the Court held the Sheriff was entitled to qualified immunity and that he had not violated the client’s constitutional rights to due process. While this outcome was not surprising, Cooper welcomed the opportunity to create new law on this issue.

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